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For HVAC Entrepreneurs:

Discover How The 'Financial Freedom Blueprint' 

Can Optimize Your Personal Finances and Business for Freedom

(Without the Stress of Cash Flow Crunches, Financial Complexity, or Sacrificing Your Time)


Have an abundance of income from multiple sources.

Free of all bad debt.

Have income sources that could pay for desired lifestyle.

Own a business that is profitable, sustainable, and transferable.

Assets are protected from inflation, taxes, and lawsuits.

Have the time to pursue life goals.


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Dave & SaraAge 54 & 51

Primary Goals: Reduce taxes, improve investments, and understand the value of their business.

The Challenge: 

Dave and Sara are successful HVAC entrepreneurs contemplating retirement in the next 5 years, with a thriving business generating over $1,000,000 in revenue annually.

As passionate business owners, Dave and Sara have dedicated years to building a prosperous HVAC enterprise and are hesitant to step away simply because they are approaching traditional retirement age.

They have been doing all the right things:

- Consistent revenue exceeding seven figures

- Maximizing retirement contributions and other strategic investments

- Substantial equity in their business and primary residence

- Adequate insurance coverage for protection

However, uncertainty surrounds the impeding retirement decision. They question whether their current financial plan aligns with their aspirations and if they may be overlooking crucial aspects in their strategy.

Dave and Sara understand that there might be unknown unknowns as they approach this significant life transition. They seek guidance from an expert to help ensure their financial decisions are well-informed, strategic, and tax-efficient. They also want help on what they should do with the business.

The Approach:

Dave and Sara were unsure where to begin, so they decided to seek professional help from a financial planner. They're busy running a business. They don't want to get bogged down trying to figure everything out on their own. 

The Results:

When Dave and Sara hired a financial planner, their concerns extended beyond investments; they wanted a holistic approach to their plan that included their business, with a particular focus on taxes and income planning. 

A comprehensive plan was put together that met all their needs:

- Tax-efficient investment strategy to mitigate risk and enhance returns

- A range of value was determined for the business

- Reduced investment costs

- Aligned asset allocation with their goals

- Established a sustainable rebalancing strategy

- Implemented tax reduction strategies through charitable giving, roth conversions, optimal social security timing, and more

- Developed a tax-efficient IRA funding strategy

They also were introduced to an easy-to-use personal finance website, helping them organize their entire financial life and gain clarity. 

With a clear financial plan in place, Dave and Sara now have more energy and mental space to focus on what they enjoy knowing they can make the choice to retire when the time is right. 

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Note: The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. No portion of the context should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management is engaged to provide financial planning or investment advisory services.

John & Lisa, Age 64 & 59

Primary Goals: Reduce taxes, improve investments, maximize net proceeds from the business, create a reliable income stream in retirement

The Challenge: 

John and Lisa own a successful HVAC business and are contemplating retirement.

As passionate business owners, John and Lisa have dedicated years to building the business and are hesitant to step away because they don't know if their plan will allow them to live the lifestyle they have envisioned in retirement and that they have a plan to make sure they don't run out of money. 

They have been saving in investment accounts, investing in real estate, and having a profitable business, but weren't quite sure how they could access these funds and make sure that their money would outlive them.

The Approach:

It was important to help make John and Lisa's retirement planning process easy, enjoyable, and stress-free.

To avoid any major surprises, the first step was to identify if the business was needed to help fund their retirement goals.

This process involved:

- Compiling all the business financials to determine an estimate of value for the business

- Estimate the net proceeds John and Lisa would receive from the business

- Strategizing a withdrawal plan to provide them with a reliable income stream

Being able to see and understand all of their options removed a lot of worries. They were able to move forward with their plans, confident in knowing that they would be well looked after. 

The Results:

The solutions adopted by John and Lisa helped them in many ways:

- They were able to know how much they would receive "after taxes" from their business to help fund retirement

- John and Lisa's business and retirement assets were protected, ensuring a smooth transition into retirement

- They had the advantage of a predictable stream of income that they could not outlive

Today, John and Lisa are enjoying the next chapter of their lives traveling between their home and beach house and spending more time with their grandchildren every chance they get. 

John and Lisa's retirement plan is reviewed regularly with new tax laws being monitored each year to ensure they are taking advantage of any opportunity available to them. 

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Note: The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. No portion of the context should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management is engaged to provide financial planning or investment advisory services.

Mark & Julie, Age 47 & 43

Primary Goals: Reduce taxes, pay off debt, increase savings, increase cash flow and profitability in the business

The Challenge:

Mark owns a successful HVAC business while Julie works part-time and takes care of their two kids when not in school. 

Despite the business generating consistent revenue, Mark and Julie are aware that there may be untapped potential in their personal finances and the business. While they've been diligent in their financial management:

- Mark's HVAC business consistently generates revenue

- They make retirement contributions when they can

- They have equity in their primary residence

- Some insurance coverage is in place for protection

However, there's still uncertainty over their financial plan, especially in the context of Mark's business and tax implications. They recognize the need for expert guidance to ensure their financial decisions align with their goals and to address the challenges of Mark's business. 

The Approach:

Faced with the complexity of managing their finances and the operational demands of Mark's HVAC business, Mark and Julie decide to seek professional guidance from a financial planner.  Acknowledging the value of their time and the need for specialized expertise, they opt to collaborate with an expert to navigate the intricacies of their situation.

The Results:

When Mark and Julie hired a financial planner, they desired a comprehensive approach that integrated Mark's HVAC business, with a specific focus on debt management, income planning, taxes and business planning.

A customized plan was developed to address their needs:

- Strategy to pay off mortgage and student loan debt

- Cashflow analysis to increase personal savings and make informed strategic business decisions

- Implementation of various tax reduction strategies

- Comprehensive assessment of the business to uncover potential growth and profit opportunities

They were also introduced to an easy-to-use personal finance website, helping Mark and Julie organize their entire financial life, bringing clarity and ease to their financial management.

With a clear financial plan in place, Mark and Julie now have the mental space and energy to focus on what they enjoy, confident in the knowledge that they can make informed decisions about their finances and business. 

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Note: The above case study is hypothetical and does not involve an actual client. No portion of the context should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience the same or certain level of results or satisfaction if Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management is engaged to provide financial planning or investment advisory services.

Still have questions? Keep Reading...

 Can you meet virtually and meet with people in other states?

Yes, we can. Our firm is equipped to meet with clients and potential clients through the video conferencing software, Zoom. Each meeting is protected by a unique password and we adhere to the strict security guidelines necessary to protect your privacy. 

 I don't plan to exit my business any time soon. Can I still work with you?

Yes, we can still work with you. The sooner you start planning, the more time you have to get yourself personally and financially prepared for a transition. In addition, you'll have more time to improve any weaknesses in your financial plan, your business, and increase its attractiveness for a potential acquisition or sale.

How does Beyond Your Exit Wealth Management make money?

We are commission free. Otherwise known as fee-only. Our fees depend on your unique needs and complexity and are a transparent line item on every statement. Initial financial planning fees start at $1,500 - $4,000. Ongoing financial planning fees start at $300 - $500 / month.  

Some financial advisors are commission-based, which may cause fees to be hidden or create conflicts of interest. This is not us. 

 Do you offer an hourly or one-time project fee option?

We do our best work with business owners looking for a trusted financial planner to assist with financial decisions over the long term. Currently, our firm is not equipped to offer an hourly fee option. We also recognize how challenging it is to evaluate financial planners.

This is why we created Engagement 1: Creating Your Financial Freedom Blueprint which includes a financial plan & business assessment. It's a three month process to give you the opportunity to see our expertise and receive objective expert advice without having to commit to a long-term relationship.

After completing Engagement 1, you will have the option to continue with Engagement 2: Ongoing Financial Planning & Implementation.

If you think there is a potential fit between your needs and our expertise, the first step is to schedule your video call below.

 Can you sell my business?

No, we do not execute or facilitate the sale of the business. We partner with experts who can help our clients execute a transaction. Even though we don't execute the transaction, we stay involved in helping our clients through the entire business sale process and beyond. 

 Do I need to have investments in order to work with you?

No, we do not require a client to have investable assets. While investment management is an optional service we provide, clients can choose to work with us on a one-time stand-alone engagement or on a month-to-month ongoing basis.

 How do I get started?

Schedule an introduction video call below and let's have a conversation.

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