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You've Built An Amazing Business

  Now What?

As an owner, you're ready for almost anything. But recent data shows that even the most affluent and successful founders struggle with one common problem: they regret their decision to sell their business one year after exit. Take this quick valuation and get your Personal Readiness to Exit score.   It's free and 100%confidential.  

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of owners regret how they approached their exit strategy


of owners are actually happy with the net proceeds from their exit


simple questions can profoundly impact the second half of your life

4  Drivers to a Fulfilling Exit

Future Vision
  • Why do you want to exit your business?
  • What do you plan to do after you leave?
Structuring Flexibility
  • How much is your business worth to you?
  • Have you considered the financial questions surrounding your transition?
Personal Detachment
  • How attached are you personally to your business?
  • Have you built a fulfilling life outside of your company? 
Team Involvement
  • Have you considered how your transition will affect your employees?
  • How will they be treated when you leave your company?

Complete the Questionnaire and Receive:

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  • Your Detailed Report as a measure of your Personal Readiness to Exit your business. This includes a summary of unseen factors that are often overlooked by owners leaving them unprepared.


  • Free eBook called The Exit Checklist: A 5 Step Personal Action Plan for a Happy (And Lucrative) Exit from your Business