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Business Planning

Align Your Business and Personal Plan

  To have a successful and fulfilling exit, an owner's Personal, Financial, and Business goals must all be in alignment. Once we completely understand your personal vision and create your financial plan, we offer the following services to bring all three together.

Retirement Plans 

We analyze, implement, and manage savings plans for the business. (401ks, Pensions, SEPs etc.) 

Wealth Gap Analysis 

We determine how much additional wealth you need to accumulate to meet your retirement goal (not including your business).

Business Valuation 

We will determine an estimated range of value of how much your business is worth.

Exit Planning Strategies 

Learn what exit planning strategies could apply to your business. 

Succession Planning

We ensure a continuity plan is in place and periodically review it as leadership roles may change. 

Assembling Your Team 

We ensure you have a Core Team in place to help support your goals and transition plan. This includes at a minimum having an attorney, CPA and value growth advisor. 

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