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We believe in transparency with our fee structure. 

We are not paid by commissions, sales or transaction charges, kickbacks or any other forms of compensation as we work with you throughout the planning process and on an ongoing basis. We are only paid by our clients for unbiased and objective advice.

Financial Planning

There is a flat fee for Personal Financial Planning and Business Planning starting at $5,000 per year.*  There is no minimum asset requirement for financial planning services.  

Investment Management

If you'd like us to manage your investments, fees are based on a percentage of assets under management, according to the schedule below.

Assets Under Management


First $500,000


Amount over $500,000


Amount over $1,000,000


Amount over $3,000,000


*Note that financial planning services are included in the investment management fee when assets under management are greater than $500,000—clients do not pay both at this level.

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