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Investment Management

Our Investment Process

Step 1

Clarify Your Personal Goals and Circumstances

This takes place within the Financial Planning process, uncovering what is most important to you. We’ll also discuss your experience with investing and what your personal beliefs are.

Step 2

Learn About Your Risk Tolerance

We’ll discuss your capacity, ability and willingness to take risk. Understanding how portfolios can behave differently to various market conditions is important before choosing an investment strategy.

Step 3

Understand the Strategy

Before we invest in a portfolio, we make sure you understand the strategy and our investment philosophy. Our foundational principles to investing are stated below.

Step 4

Portfolio Implementation

Once you are comfortable with the strategy and understand how it works, we will review where your current assets are and focus on proper asset location. Asset location refers to where we strategically hold the money you are investing between tax-efficient, tax-free, and taxable accounts with a goal to maximize after-tax returns.

Step 5

Ongoing Monitoring

Once the portfolio is implemented, we will periodically review and rebalance the portfolio. Through our review meetings, we will make sure we understand when different aspects of your life change to make adjustments when necessary.

Investing can be emotional. 

This is why our investment management process has foundational principles based on a data-driven approach. These are the principles we stick to as we build your portfolio and manage it over time:

  • Do not attempt to time the market.
  • Invest based on facts, not emotions or trends.
  • Global diversification is key.
  • Have a long-term mindset.
  • A sound financial plan integrated with investments positions you for long-term success.

Let’s Build Your Plan

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