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Personal Financial Planning

Business is Personal

Beyond financial and legal strategizing, exiting your business also means stepping into a new identity, so having exploratory conversations about what that means for you is where we begin. We’ll talk through where you stand now, who you want to be, and what truly matters most in your life. We’ll consider what you want your life to be in and out of your business.

How We Work for You

Our Ongoing Planning Process is designed to have your vision and personal purpose at the center of how you make financial decisions. Once we understand what truly matters most to you, we can align our advice with your goals and values to fully optimize your life. 

1st Quarter

Vision & Purpose

By going through a series of exercises, we’ll create a vision of what a great life looks like to you.

Tax Planning 

We proactively work with your CPA on tax mitigation strategies.

2nd Quarter

Investment Management 

We customize a strategy and invest for you to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Estate Planning

We work with your attorney on making sure you have the appropriate documents in place to carry out your wishes. This includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care or medical directive, and appropriate beneficiary designations.

3rd Quarter

Charitable Giving

Together, we'll establish a long-term strategy to fulfill your giving plan and at the same time reduce your tax bill.

Insurance Planning

Ensure current policies are appropriate and accurate while exploring additional insurance if necessary.

4th Quarter

Retirement Planning

We’ll discuss how much you will need to support your desired lifestyle in retirement and if you are on track.

Net Worth Assessment

We'll develop customized strategies for growing your net worth.

Next Fiscal Year, We Start The Cycle Again.

Annual Administration Includes:

Strategic Reviews

We meet with you at least twice a year to ensure we are making progress towards your goals.

Online Financial Dashboard 

Access your Personal Financial Plan and Performance Reporting anytime.

Proactive Collaboration & Coordination

We ensure your action items get done and will coordinate with your team of professionals on progress.

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