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Ep #080: Scaling and Exiting a Family-Owned Business for 8-Figures with Ivan and Mariana Polic Thumbnail

Ep #080: Scaling and Exiting a Family-Owned Business for 8-Figures with Ivan and Mariana Polic

In this inspiring episode, we dive deep into the remarkable journey of Ivan and Mariana who navigated the complex path from burnout to achieving an 8-figure business exit. With firsthand insights into the challenges of working within a family business, building a robust succession plan with their father, and the strategic maneuvers that led to tripling their revenue, this episode is packed with wisdom for any business owner aiming for a successful sale. 

Our guests share invaluable lessons learned from their mistakes and offer expert advice on exit planning, ensuring your business is not just saleable but also poised for a profitable and fulfilling transition. Join us as we explore essential strategies for business growth, succession planning, and achieving a purposeful life post-exit. Whether you're knee-deep in the trenches of entrepreneurship or dreaming of your future exit, this episode will equip you with the knowledge to navigate your journey with confidence and success.

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Ivan and Mariana's Website - https://www.jumpstartyourexit.com/

Family Business Mastery: Bridging Legacy and Innovation to Build a Family Business that Lasts for Generations by Ivan and Mariana Polic

Buy Back Your Time by Dan Martell

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