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Services for Successful Business Owners and Their Families

Our services help you answer the following questions.

How much money will I need to get from the business upon exit to live my desired lifestyle?

What are my exit options and how can I do it without overpaying in taxes?

Am I personally and financially ready to step away from the business?

What do I want "life after business" to look like?

Am I saving enough?

How can I reduce my exposure to risk?

What you get.

Providing advice that's in your best interest requires a full understanding of your unique situation. By the end of this process, you will receive two documents: a personalized Financial Plan and Business Assessment. Both are designed to cover various topic areas and present strategies to protect, manage, and grow your wealth. 

After an introduction call, if you wish for us to do a financial plan and business assessment, we will quote a fee, and we will request and evaluate tax returns, financials, and other business documents.

Engagement 1: The Financial Plan & Business Assessment

A one-time fee starting at $3,600.* 

Half of the cost is due upon signing of the formal engagement letter and the other half is due upon the presentation of the financial plan and business assessment. 

This three month engagement includes a comprehensive review and analysis of your current financial situation and your business with detailed personal recommendations. We cover the following topic areas:

 Business Planning

We dive deep into your business to identify the strengths that set you apart, pinpoint weaknesses that could hinder your growth, and uncover hidden issues that might devalue your business. 

Our goal is to ensure that your business is streamlined and fortified against industry-specific challenges, such as seasonal demand fluctuations, so you can create value and appeal to potential successors or buyers.

 Cash Flow

Understanding the flow of money in and out of your business is crucial. We'll help you simplify your financials to see exactly how your income correlates with your business operations and expenses—highlighting where your money is going and ensuring it aligns with your core values and objectives. 

 Income Planning

We specialize in creating tax-efficient strategies for accumulating wealth and distributing income, tailored to the unique lifecycle of your business. 

Whether you're gearing up for a busy season or planning for retirement, we'll ensure you're on track to support your desired lifestyle now and after you transition from actively managing your business, maximizing the fruits of your hard work.  

 Risk Management

In any industry, managing risks extends beyond the job site. We review your entire risk profile—covering life, disability, long-term care, health, property, business, and liability insurance—without pushing products. 

Our focus is on strategies that protect you, your family, your employees, and your business assets from unforeseen events, ensuring your business can withstand storms and continue to thrive.

 Life Planning

Your business is a significant part of your life, but it shouldn't be all-consuming. We help you align your business operations and financial strategies with your personal aspirations, ensuring you have the freedom and resources to enjoy life outside of work. 

Whether it's spending more time with family or pursuing hobbies, we make sure your business serves your life, not the other way around.

 Estate Planning

Securing your legacy and ensuring your family is taken care of is paramount. We'll work with you to structure your assets, including your business, in a way that protects and provides for your family, even in emergencies. 

Our goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing your hard-earned success will support your loved ones according to your wishes.

 Tax Planning

Don't let taxes erode the profitability of your business. We offer specialized tax planning services to ensure you're leveraging all available tax-saving strategies tailored to business owners. 

From taking advantage of specific deductions to planning for efficient business transitions, we'll help you keep more of your earnings and invest them back into your business or retirement savings.

 Investment Management

Managing investments alongside running a business can be complex. We view your financial portfolio holistically, ensuring your investments are strategically aligned with your business goals, personal risk tolerance, and time horizon. 

Whether you're planning for expansion, new technology adoption, or retirement, our investment management services are designed to support your specific short-term and long-term goals.

Once completed, we will take you through the results step by step and provide options, choices, and recommendations. You can continue working with us in Engagement 2: Ongoing Financial Planning & Implementation or take the plan to execute on your own or with your advisors. 

Engagement 2: Ongoing Financial Planning & Implementation

A monthly fee starting at $300.*

If you decide to work with us on an ongoing basis, we will work with you and your team of professional advisors to implement our recommendations. As life happens and as changes in your business occur your financial plan will evolve as well. We are here to help you make the necessary financial decisions along your personal and business journey. This engagement has no contracts and you may stop the service at any point throughout the process.

Typical areas in which we provide ongoing advice include:

  • Pre-transaction planning
  • Post transaction planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Exit planning
  • Life planning
  • Investments
  • Entity planning
  • Bench strength for internal succession
  • Buy sell planning
  • Access to a network of vetted professionals who have expertise in assisting business owners (CPAs, Attorneys, M&A Advisors, Value Growth Advisors, and Lenders)

* The fee may be higher if you have a highly structured legal estate, own private or illiquid investments, own multiple rental properties, or otherwise have a lot of complexity in your financial life. We will quote you the final fee after having an introductory call. 

Annual Administration Includes:

Strategic Reviews

We meet with you at least 4x per year to update your plan and as needed via Zoom, phone, or email as life happens and financial decisions need to be made. 

Online Financial Dashboard 

Access to a personalized online networth dashboard to aggregate your entire financial life into one single view.

Proactive Collaboration & Coordination

We ensure your action items get done and will coordinate with your team of professionals on progress.