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Ep #007: Managing Your Proceeds After A Sale Thumbnail

Ep #007: Managing Your Proceeds After A Sale

Congratulations! You’ve received the letter of intent that somebody is interested in buying your business, the sale goes through, and the money drops into your account. But now what? In this episode, Tom shares how to figure out a distribution strategy that gives you your desired rate of return while also managing taxes appropriately. 

Listen in as he breaks down the different types of investments and how they relate to your risk tolerance post-sale, as well as the difference between qualified and non-qualified accounts—and how to make them work for you. You'll learn the mindset shift that is required for owners once their business has sold and some of the questions to ask to decide how to allocate your proceeds, to keep a sustainable income coming in long after the sale has happened.

Listen to the full episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The primary things to consider when selling your business.
  • Questions to ask when deciding how to allocate your proceeds.
  • The difference between qualified and non-qualified accounts. 
  • Why educating yourself on the many options available to you is key.
  • The different types of stocks and how they relate to risk tolerance.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “When suddenly your net worth on paper becomes an actual value in your bank account, the game changes.” - Tom Poltersdorf 
  • “After explaining how risk works, many owners don’t end up having the same risk tolerance as they once did when running their business.” - Tom Poltersdorf
  • “We don’t want to leave the IRS a tip.” - Tom Poltersdorf

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