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Advisor for the HVAC Entrepreneur

Optimize your finances and your business for FREEDOM...

We remove the financial stress from your life so you can focus on your business, on your family, and live your ideal life.

For HVAC entrepreneurs who:

Have a growth mindset.

Value collaboration.

Dream big.

May be planning to sell their business within 5 years. 

Understand the freedom wealth brings yet value people over money.

Wealth Building for Your Entire Financial Life

 Market Valuation of the Business

Receive an estimated range of value and identify hidden areas that may quietly drag down the value of your business so you can eliminate them before they become a problem.

 Cash Flow

Simplify your income and expenses to understand where your money is going and that it's aligned with your values.

 Income Planning

Develop tax-efficient accumulation and income distribution strategies to ensure you are on track to fund your desired lifestyle before and after transitioning from your business.

 Risk Management

Review risk mitigation strategies such as life, disability, long-term care, health, property, business, and liability insurance without being pitched a product.

 Value Builder Score

Join 70,000 business owners and see how an acquirer would evaluate your business within the 8 Factors That Drive Company Value. Receive a comprehensive analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities including a detailed action plan for how to improve the value of your business.

 Estate Planning

Make a plan to ensure your assets are structured to protect and support your family in the event of an emergency.

 Tax Planning

Avoid overpaying the IRS and ensure you are taking advantage of all the various tax saving strategies for business owners.


View all your accounts as a total portfolio and ensure your comfort level with risk is aligned with your goals and investment time horizon. 

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Tom Polterdorf Jr.

"We care about your long term success personally, financially, and in business."

Tom Poltersdorf Jr, CFP®, CEPA