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Ep #016: A Typical Business Owner Versus A Value Builder Thumbnail

Ep #016: A Typical Business Owner Versus A Value Builder

Building a business is hard. Building a sustainable and successful business is even more difficult. So, what separates typical business owners from value-building, long-lasting business owners? In this episode, Tom will share his advice for ensuring your business is set up for the future by asking the right questions, putting the right processes in place and focusing on value rather than revenue.

Listen in as Tom describes the benefit of creating attainable goals rather than focusing solely on surviving, as well as how to know when you’re moving in the right direction to meet these goals. You will learn the importance of documenting all of your processes, automating or delegating tasks and having a team that can run your business even without you there.

Listen to the full episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of creating consistent and attainable goals. 
  • How to know you’re moving in the right direction to meet your goals.
  • The benefit of focusing on value rather than revenue.
  • Why you should niche down on what you sell rather than selling many different things.
  • How to create a recurring revenue model instead of having a one-time purchaser.
  • How to more accurately predict what your future income stream may be.
  • The importance of documenting your processes. 

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Value builders start with the end in mind.” - Tom Poltersdorf  
  • “Value builders emphasize growing value while the typical business owner prioritizes growing revenue.” - Tom Poltersdorf  
  • “Owners need to figure out how to get their business to thrive without them there.” - Tom Poltersdorf   


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